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Stunning Indian Tiger Wallpaper

White tigers are Bengal tiger wallpaper whose hide is white or practically white. These species are neither pale skinned person nor a different subspecies of the cat.

Angry Tiger Wallpaper

Or maybe, they are simply Bengal leopard which have acquired two duplicates of passive quality controlling skin pigmentation.

They are frequently being portrayed as excellent animals with pale hide, blue eyes, pink nose and dark stripes.

These dark stripes make them indistinguishable from orange Bengal tigers and recognize them from pale skinned person tigers which are 100% white without any stripes.

Attractive wallpaper of tiger

Barely any leopard in India have increased than life and have turned out to be outstanding for their survival impulses, their prevalent family heredity and incredible battles.

These tigers have been on the spread photographs for top magazines and part of new worldwide untamed life documentaries.

Here are 15 celebrated leopard that are most prevalent in India.

Bengal Tiger Hd Wallpaper

  1. MUNNA:

Munna is otherwise called the "Feline" of Kanha leopard Reserve. He is most likely the main enormous feline on the planet which has the image CAT composed on his head.

Munna has a notoriety for stalking vehicles for over an hour until they draw off the safari track.

The battle for strength was difficult as Munna needed to cosset in numerous battles to pick up his present domains and in one such battle, he continued leg damage after which he ended up limp for a significant broadened period and accomplished the name Langda or Limp.

Bengal White Tiger Wallpaper

Regardless of his battle, Munna is an authoritative tiger of Kanha at present. Likewise, known as, the Langda/Meadow Male, Munna is an overwhelming leopard of Kanha National Park who is additionally figured to be the most captured tiger in the recreation center.

  1. BAMERA:

Bamera is the excellent male tiger at Bandhavgarh National Park. Like B2 (well known leopard who kicked the bucket in 2011) Bamera is presently in the dusk phase of his standard.

Cute Tiger Cub Wallpaper

No doubt, Bamera's posterity Banvehi will proceed with the family rule. He is enormous, superb, and an extravagance to watch when he strolls. Serene by the vehicles, and the travelers he strolls like a Lord of the Jungle.


The Collarwali Tigress is the prevailing female in Pench National Park. She is likewise renowned for bringing forth five infants in the winter of 2013.

She was conceived in the year 2005. She is known for her chasing aptitudes and above all else for raising her litters great.

Cute Tiger Wallpaper

Named after the radio neckline that this female star leopard wears, Collared is a most loved of numerous untamed life fans.

Popularity resulted in these present circumstances tigress right on time as she was destined to an effectively acclaimed tigress in the wilderness.

Caught or Collar Wali is likewise known for bringing forth the 'well known five', which is still so mainstream in the national park.

  1. TELIA:

A moderately aged tigress and a phenomenal mother Telia is the pride of Tadoba.

She frequents the Telia Dam consequently she was named after it. Her region envelops around 20 sq km which is very huge.

Roar Tiger Wallpaper Image

She has sired one litter of 3 offspring and tended four kids who contain all females. The youngsters have grown up and during the time spent isolating from the mother.


Shivaji is known for his mass and forcefulness. One of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve's most well known huge felines, Shivaji is a prime case of a predominant male.

Snow White Tiger Hd Wallpaper

This tycoon, additionally known for his gigantic mass and forcefulness, is normally observed watching around a 50 sq km sweep of the Kolsa Range.

He has a place on each tiger-watchers must-see list. The span of this male leopard opposes our creative ability.

Despite the fact that felines change their region frequently, enormous guys like Shivaji figure out how to hold the key environments all through their childhood.

  1. GABBAR:

Gabbar is well known for his temper. Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve's Gabbar who is a standout amongst the most captured leopard in the recreation center.

Aesthetic Tiger Wallpaper

This heavy hitter is popular for his temper. He imparts his name to the most popular reprobate in Bollywood from the film Sholay.

He is additionally the prevailing regional male in the zone. Gabbar can be seen wandering around the Jamni Chowk and Hilltop regions of the save.

  1. SITARA (T-28):

Star Male "Sitara" is the overwhelming tiger in Ranthambore National Park. Figured to be incredibly ground-breaking, this enormous tiger was first observed toward the finish of 2006.

Tiger Family Wallpaper Image

It is accepted to be the child of tigress T-27. Sitara is known as one of those tigers that gave star tigress Machali (perished) a neck to neck battle.

In the winter a long time of 2009, Sitara and Machali were seen battling for the domain a few times.

Tiger Hd Wallpaper For Desktop

At present, the domain of Sitara covers with that of Machali, and he rules over Jhalara, Nalghati, about the whole Mandoop level and the three key lakes.

Not just this, this Star Male Tiger figured out how to take the territory of Machali, yet he likewise mated with her two youthful little girls Unnis and Sundari.

  1. MALIKA:

The ruler of Tadoba Tiger Reserve, Malika is the most visited tigress in haven.

This tigress was first found in the year 2008 and is accepted to have three kin that incorporate two male and one female.

Malika is well known as a gifted tree climber and love pursuing Bisons and gaur.

Wallpaper Bengal Tiger

A specialist at adjusting to the unforgiving climate conditions, she is figured to be an unbeaten survivor in Tadoba National Park.

She has brought forth 3 fledglings in 2011, whose father should be the M6 Tiger, named Amitabh. She is the pleased mother who has passed her ingrained instincts to her litters.


Indeed, you heard it right. Amitabh is named after renowned and mainstream Bollywood film star Amitabh Bachchan.

This youthful leopard possesses in Tadoba National Park and is, truth be told, a standout amongst the most leopard tigers in the recreation center.

White Bengal Snow Tiger Whelp

Amitabh was essential seen in January 2010 and should be the piece of Duana Family. As a splendid seeker, he is viewed as a tiger that forever finds the choicest feast in the wilderness.

In spite of the fact that a bold and solid tiger, Amitabh has been seen running many occasions from furious sloth bears.

He is prominent among guests in Tadoba, as he is the person who is generally observed.


Jhumru (T-20) is the huge and numerous predators in Ranthambore.

Jhumroo is the most established male in the recreation center that plummeted from the tradition of the incomparable Machali, being her child.

In the event that Machali is called as - Lady of the Lakes, presumably Jhumroo is called as - Lord of Lakes, since, after Machali, it was Jhumroo who reined her defensive regions including the lake.

White Bengal Tiger Cute Wallpaper

From tying youthful offspring to enormous male, the voyage of Jhumroo in this park is simply unimaginable.

At present, this 9 feet long male tiger is administering over the backwoods by overwhelming the locale around Padam and Malik Talao, and the whole summer is being spent in the driving rain bounds of Rani Bagh.

  1. NAMDEV:

Namdev is a tremendous male tiger in Tadoba who has a broad domain either side of Tadoba Lake.

White Snow Tiger Wallpaper

Tigers change their domain frequently, yet enormous guys like Namdev figure out how to hold the prime living spaces all through their childhood.

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